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Many houses in the San Gabriel Valley, especially in the Pasadena area, have been built over 80 years ago. Most of these houses are still using the same electrical from the day the house was built. The problem with these wires is that they have a cloth insulation and or mostly knob and tube. These wires are extremely fragile, and can be hazardous with the smallest movement. Something like an earthquake, natural disaster, or even something as simple as a rat chewing or walking on these wires can be a potential hazard. It is very common for the hot and neutral wires to spark in an attic because of a shortage. A spark is all it takes to ignite a fire on the the insulation.

Another problem is that these wires are not grounded either. The problem with ungrounded wires is that it provides no protection for any appliance with a metal surface. In an event that a circuit could be short but the wires aren’t grounded, the metal surfaced of science might be energized. Grounding these wires and appliance are important so the circuit breakers trip and metal surfaces won’t be energized.
Please be aware that if you shock yourself touching a metal surface, you need to move away immediately and not touch anything or metal.

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Does you home have a really old panel? Do the circuit breakers get short all the time?

Does you home have a really old panel? Do the circuit breakers get short all the time?

Do you suffer from power outages and want your house to be ready for the unexpected?!

Do you have an electrical vehicle that needs a charging station?

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